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Hello! I'm Anna, the founder of the 080. Here, my wide technical skills meet infinite passion to discover and create new universes. 080 - symbolizes "packed" infinity, that includes all possible universes. But also, for now, it is my personal "spaceship", that I've been driving in visual space since 2016.
My technical skills include over 6 years of experience with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects (as well as Photoshop and Premiere), and mastery of 3D graphics and animation using C4D(+Redshift), Blender, Substance Painter, and UE5. I also explore the possibilities of neural networks (Stable Diffusion, Runaway GEN-2, Chat GPT) to simplify processes and offer you greater variety.
Since 2017 and to this day, 080 has been a resident of Microcosmos Records, participating in the release of about 70 music releases as a graphic designer, and more than 200 video backgrounds for releases as a motion designer.

Currently, 080 serves as the creative director and lead designer in the development of the blockchain game Metarchy. In addition, 080 continues to develop its brand and participate in various other projects.
For me, art is a space for creativity. Using the same tools, I explore deep themes and express my thoughts in a more free artistic form. In each project, I aim to reveal the beauty and depth of ideas through my vision, making each creation unique and memorable, yet emphasizing infinity, rhythm, pattern, cycle, and iteration...
These tools enable me to create diverse design projects - from logos and corporate styles and their applications (documentation, infographic merch, etc.) to intros, informative and educational videos, advertising, and high-quality 3D product visualizations. Also, artistic projects: digital visionary art, installations, and decor for electronic music festivals.
Blockchain game visual development
Motion design for music realeases and graphic design
Magic forms of digital art
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